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BABYVIZSLA is a fully decentralized Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital currency on Binance Smart Chain. Baby Vizsla Inu is a token that aims to have a huge positive influence on the (hungarian) philanthropic culture while also making something valuable through the power of the crypto world. Our goal is to support orphaned children to give them chance for bright future.

Be a Baby Vizsla Inu Holder and catch our creed: By the community, for the community.

Our reward system is astonishing because it gives 7% HVI reward from all transactions (in proportion of your holder size) if you have at least 5 000 000 000 BABYVIZSLA tokens.

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About Us

One of our main target is to list our token on every relevant digital exchanges, because high holder number can generate more transaction value and it will create our golden fund to help orphans. We want to spread around the world as fast as possible by the power of the good deeds that we can share with the ones in need. 

BABYVIZSLA were born as an incubator program of the most popular hungarian token Hungarian Vizsla Inu, but we are also planning to step out on the (inter)national stage. Our purpose is clear without any doubt, we would like to be a rock solid base for orphans, to be the guard of their future, to be their pillar of hope.

We are active, we are funny and supportive with decades of experience on many fields such as marketing, hospitality and in the finance sector. So let’s meet up in this project and be a valued and active member of our happy community.

In long-term we would like to become a popular altcoin as we are developing our own utility. That is how we would like to earn our land and place in the crypto world


Baby Vizsla Inu Newsletter

We promise to write only if we have something really important to say.

Such as important milestones in the life of the project, upcoming events, community events, prize draws or
major changes in the crypto world that affects us. So anything that might be good to know about ahead of time.



Baby Vizsla Inu

Token name




HVI reward

5,000,000,000 BABYVIZSLA

Min. token reward




LP Fee

Total Supply
50,000,000,000,000 BABYVIZSLA
Development and marketing
Team wallet

How to buy BABYVIZSLA?


1. Download Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet

2. Fill up your wallet with BNB

3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

4. Add the BABYVIZSLA contract address

5. Set Slippage to 15-20%


Our Team

Sz. Krisztian

Financial director

Sz. Krisztian

Krisztián has been working as a financial advisor for 6 years, and thanks to his dedication and work ethic, he quickly moved into a sales manager position, where he was the best for 2 years. He then moved to large corporate clients. He is creative, solution-oriented and success-driven, motivated by challenges. He found a new challenge in his life as a founder.

K. Balazs

Business director

K. Balazs

Balázs is an expert in  structured thinking and e-Commerce, what is the fruit of the revolution in commerce and online digitalisation. His decade-long experience in retail and wholesale aspects of sales, web development, marketing and market trend analysis adds valuable knowledge to Baby Vizsla Inu's development team.

Sz. Roland

Media director

Sz. Roland

Roland is the creator of Baby Vizsla. He brings years of business and leadership experience to the Baby Vizsla team. He is a creative and innovative personality, which makes him an exciting addition to our team. Despite his excellent sense of humour, he never loses focus, always motivating us by focusing on the tasks ahead. Roland's motto: he who dares not, does not win.

M. Krisztian

Digital director

M. Krisztian

In addition to his work in the public sector, Krisztián has acquired the necessary skills for digital self-realisation through self-employment. He spends most of his time designing graphic interfaces, websites and design elements. He is attracted by the new challenges of the crypto world, which is how he joined the Baby Vizsla Inu team.

Z. Csaba

Social director

Z. Csaba

"Progressus ad futurum, (...) regressus ad originem" /Hrabal/ As a social policy expert I work to achieve the social responsibility, education, and community development goals of the BabyVizsla Inu projekt. Interests: social capital, sustainability, blockchain-tech, crypto, with the tools of social policy and other co-disciplines in mind.

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